Costin Dumitrache - guitar, composer and sound engineer; also master of ceremony for Abis;
Grigore Negrescu - action painting;
Valentin Baicu - keyboards, composer;
Marina Gingirof - vocals; also lead vocals for Abis.
Maria Raducanu - vocals; jazz singer.

Musical Paintings Out Of the Poetry Oven - FAD Bar (Adelaide, Australia) - Feb 28, 2006
With a title like that, your show would want to be good. Straight out of Romania, the Margento project quickly dismisses any fears that you're in for a heap of artsy tosh. As committed poet Chris Tanasescu lives out his ear-catching prose like a noir beatnik in 1950s New York, painter Grigore Negrescu creates an abstract oil work behind. Aided by the cool trip-hop arrangements of synth composer Valentin Baicu, Tanasescu's love for language is infectious. But the real highlight of this unusual gem is vocalist Sorina Enea. As her operatic siren call soars above Tanasescu's thoughtful expression, tears form in eyes. Jaw-dropping. – Ben McEachen, The Advertiser

Margento - Poezia dincolo de propriul vers (in Viata Romaneasca)

Label: Soft Records  Order Album
From Margento 2 - Thief of Baghdad (composer: Costin Dumitrache)

Label: Soft Records Order album 
From Margento 1 - Dupa apa / Fetching Water (composer: Valentin Baicu)


G. Negrescu. Photo by R. Tanasescu
GRIGORE NEGRESCU (born on June 10th, 1972)

Romanian painter born in Moldova. Active painter and restorer of Romanian churches. Member of Margento, where he does action-painting performances. 

He lives and works in Bucharest, with his wife, Liliana, and their son, David.

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