The GRAPH POEM is an ongoing communal MARGENTO poetry project that involves poets and writers from various parts of the world collaborating by the principles of mathematical graph theory and in the spirit of jam sessions.

The concept was proposed for the first time by Chris Tanasescu in a poetics statement published on Jerome Rothenberg's Poems and Poetics HERE.

A first book of the graph poem was published by Max Blecher Press in 2012, Nomadosofia / Nomadosopy by MARGENTO.

In 2013, a performance of the graph poem "MARGENTO--A Graph*ormance" was presented together with the multimedia performance poetry band MARGENTO at E-Poetry, London.  Watch a snippet here.

The Electronic Poetry Center at Buffalo University also posted a longer footage here.  

Starting in October 2013, Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO) has worked on a computerized version of the graph poem together with Professor Diana Inkpen, and Sean Billings from the Computer Science Department of the University of Ottawa; the project shall be updated periodically on the university website here.

Sections of the ongoing graph poem as well as articles and essays of graph poetics are available on this blog and elsewhere online or in literary/academic publications.  Please leave a comment/note if you are interested in a full bibliography or any further details.
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