Jun 17, 2011

Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology of Romanian Poetry, edited and translated by Martin Woodside

Of Gentle Wolves, the anthology of contemporary Romanian poetry edited and translated by Martin Woodside, hot off the press from Calypso Editions in the US!

Praise for Of Gentle Wolves:
Of Gentle Wolves: the paradox of this book’s title runs with artful power through every subsequent page. It’s a vibrant, chaotic place these days, Romania, and its poets ...read more


  1. Cineva să-mi spună unde,cum o găsesc pe poeta Nina Vasile.Vă rog!

  2. va pot da un email, care nu stiu daca mai e valabil, dar incercati nina_berta2004@yahoo.com; este de asemenea si pe facebook, "Vasile Nina"


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