Dec 15, 2016

Launch of Moods with Margento and Martin Woodside in New York City

Join us for our launch of Moods & Women & Men & Once Again Moods: An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Erotic Poetry with MARGENTO and Martin Woodside this Friday at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn and other locations in Manhattan this week!

More information about the book:


Erotic, erratic, heretic, that is what Romanian poetry is like, writes MARGENTO (Chris Tanasescu), himself a major voice who has labored tirelessly in promoting poetry in translation both from and into Romanian. Make no doubt about it: the work by new Romanian poets writing today is among the strongest, perhaps the strongest poetic tradition in Eastern Europe. And, here is our chance to see these wild and brilliant Romanians at play: there are songs of praise, of lament, chants, invocations, surreal moments, realist sketches, lyrical asides, hymns, and many other forms of poetic utterance brought together by their erotic impulse. There are great voices here, totally unpredictable, totally unafraid. Special gratitude goes to the editors and translators of this work for making it available in English in versions so mesmerizing as these.
                                                                                                                        Ilya Kaminsky

“What emerges here is a phantasmagoric, often magical erotica, a surrealism of the body & the mind that directs it, as conveyed by a generation of poets experiencing the possibility of a newly opened poetics of liberation.  The resultant work is a revelation of what poetry can do when unleashed, in its most radical forms, to imagine & to reflect the fullest panoply of human needs & desires.  As it comes to us here in America, it is also a great pleasure to read & to absorb, from cover to cover.”
                                                                                                                       JEROME ROTHENBERG

Reviews: Carneci Petras Antonesei Komartin

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