Dec 15, 2010

Today's feature: Cri Gri

Cri Gri is a Romanian rock band. It was started by Stefan Mardale, together with Vali Baicu, in autumn 1996. The line up of the band has changed over the years, but they kept playing and recording. The band strived to have shows, recorded demos and three official LPs. In 2009, they also recorded an English version of one of their albums. The translation of all of their lyrics  was delivered by Chris Tanasescu, member of Margento. 

Cri Gri
Genre: piebald (fusion, for foreign citizens) 

Current members: 

Ştefan Mardale – vocals, bass, guitar, percussions 
Catalin Stefanescu - guitars 
Daniel Ivascu - percussions 
Zsolt Bara - guitar 


La drum (live@Hungarian Cultural Center, Bucharest) 
Chiar tu (live@Hungarian Cultural Center, Bucharest)

Sample lyrics:

Wile Awhile

This day light’s rich, on the grey-yellowish beach
She is the prettiest one, for that’s no reason
Shrouded in mystery, her gaze that shudders me
Eyes closed I say lackadaisically
I save you lady in distress
Yes, you,
Lower your draw-bridge
The evil knight he clambers stone on stone
I’m goin’ to throw him into the moat

I open my eyes she’s not at all surprised at my noble deed but I wince,
The moat’s full of water, my deed will get it sated

I save you lady in distress
Throw life-vest to evil knight in a mess
Slipping of a stone, he pulled me into the moat

Wile Awhile Wile there’s no crocodile
I hoped I’d see the Nile, the pyramids
I’ve got needles and pins
Oh, the ticklings, small creatures with fins
Pyrrhonic piranhas

I save you lady in distress
Make your bandanna into a noose with no cress
Pull me hard and keep me up
I’m the saviour you’ve saved now

English version by Chris Tanasescu

Porumbac / Piebald (October, 2000)
Live at Green Hours (September, 2001)
Live at Radio Delta (November, 2001) 

“Babble of a Fish” L.P.— Soft Records (2004) - order
"Tomorrow's Trail" L.P.— Soft Records (2006) - order
"11 Short Stories" L.P. (2009)

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