Oct 15, 2012

MARGENTO Poem & Song on ASYMPTOTE, October issue

Our special feature on English-language poetry considers language itself to be a strange place—uncanny, full of striking familiarities, as concerned with revival as it is with decay. Here we present new work from poets around the world, including Cole Swensen, Ruth Padel and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé. The tension between these English-language poets and the translated poets in our issue is wonderfully keen: as Afzal Syed Ahmed writes, "In your language every line begins from an opposite end." So where indeed does language begin? The question lingers as one reads Lutz Seiler, Eduardo Milàn, Arseny Tarkovsky, and so on. In the case of MARGENTO, language is music, and interrogated as such in the extraordinary recording that accompanies the poem.READ MORE here.

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