Apr 17, 2013


A wonderful Romanian-American project put together by David Baker (with contributions by over a dozen other Romanian and American poets and translators, a special MARGENTO line-up included) now available on KENYON REVIEW ONLINE after its release on print a few months ago from Aureole Press at the University of Toledo. A unique concept book with a unique layout.

Hunger to Hunger:
Hungry / Foame
An Introduction

David Baker
N.B. We are pleased to be digitally republishing this chapbook (seen in photos below) with the permission of the publisher, authors, and translators. Hunger to Hunger was originally published in August 2012 by Aureole Press at the University of Toledo in a limited edition of 75 copies. It was printed on a Vandercook Simple Precision-15 press and features a unique multi-signature, tri-fold design, Mohawk Superfine papers, and Tiziano wrap-around covers. To purchase a fine press edition and learn more about Aureole Press, click here. –The Editors

An Introduction

for Chris, who opened the door
Poems don’t begin. Poems continue.
A poet may sit with pen and paper, or a blue-faced computer screen, and write that first word, but spinning in the poet’s head is a symphony of sounds and impulses, and preceding that first textual mark is a whole history of previous uses of that “first” word.
There are words before the first word. There are vast libraries before that first word.
Where does a poem begin? Each poem commences, has already commenced, in previous poems, just as it commences in a poet’s... MORE HERE !!!!!!

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